Volunteers Experience

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"I am so grateful to Helen as she gave me this opportunity! I was looking to gain more experience in accountancy and I met Helen and started to volunteer at Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises. I helped out with the invoicing, bank reconciliation, and book-keeping. Helen recommended me for a full-time book-keeper position last week after she saw it advertised on Facebook. I applied for the job and this morning I was told that I have been successful! I am so happy, excited and so thankful! I would like to recommend Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises for people who are looking for opportunities because I know how difficult it is to find work and volunteering for them helped me to get the job. Helen is a great person, a great leader with good ideas and big and strong plans!"

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Monika Bene Volunteer February 22, 2016

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"I was doing my accounting course at Sussex Downs College when I soon realised I would need to gain some work experience. This was to enable me to find an employed position to further my career. I went for my first job interview and unfortunately I wasn’t offered the job but they did provide me with feedback. They said that work experience would be beneficial for me and they suggested Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises (HOME). I started mid-November and enjoyed working with Helen and all the other team members who were all very supportive and helpful. My course at college is coming to an end, so I applied to a local employer making sure my experience at HOME was on my CV. This time I was called in for an immediate interview. The employer contacted me the following week and offered me the job. HOME has allowed me to come out of my shell and meet new people and try new things. I have also been taking part in teaching older people how to use the computer and teach them about social media. I have really enjoyed working and being part of the HOME team and I have made some great friends. Helen and her team have always supported me when I have had important exams coming up. I would like to thank Helen and her team for allowing me the opportunity to gain work experience. If I wasn’t working at Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises, I’m sure I wouldn’t have got the job. I would definitely recommend HOME to anyone".

Gavin Clarke Volunteer February 22, 2016