There are many ways that you can help job-seekers get into work and one of those is to sponsor one of HOME CIC’s volunteers or apprentices.

The annual salary for an apprentice is £6,000 and if you are interested in sponsorship someone then please let Helen know. We also like our volunteers to have really good equipment and the latest software so you can also help by providing items such as as these.

Alternatively if you have a volunteer or member of staff for your organisation and you believe that they would benefit from some training then why not let HOME CIC help you?

All of the training is provided free of charge and local job-seekers are encouraged to get involved in the local community in order to help others!

We are also looking for premises suitable for an office and a training room and if you can help in this way please do get in touch.

You can sponsor one of our job-seekers here (either full or part sponsorship).