It’s Payback Time!

So now we’ve got your attention we’re not talking about the payback as an act of revenge but more like the ‘Pay it Forward’ that was made popular after the film was released in 2000.

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‘It’s Payback Time’ is the name of our new campaign and it’s all about giving something back because others have helped us in the past.

Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises (HOME) CIC wouldn’t be here today without the many people that have helped us to get started, these include those offering us a room space, funders, volunteers and many more people that have offered their expert advice (usually for free).

So in turn we have promised to help others that can’t necessarily afford to do it themselves. Some of the ways that we are able to help include:

  • Providing free or low-cost website services for charities, community groups, small businesses or social entrepreneurs just starting out.
  • Providing free training to charities, networking groups, businesses etc.
  • Providing free work experience to job seekers and volunteers.
  • Providing free or low-cost marketing services for event organisers and groups.

We are now asking for your help to ‘Pay it Back’

We have several volunteers that are eager to start work and just need a helping hand to get started! We are looking to either provide them with apprenticeships so they can continue their training or place them in a work situation where they can gain further experience.

Some of the skills that they have include:

  • Administration
  • IT Help Desk
  • Graphic Design
  • Journalism

We need to raise £500 a month for each apprentice so if you have received help in the past and have the financial resources to help then maybe this is something you could consider. We’re not expecting you to donate the whole – just 10 people giving £50 a month could make a difference to one young person in Eastbourne that is struggling to find work.

So if you have ever received free training from us, or you have now employed one of our volunteers then maybe you could help so we can help another young person get their ideal job.

Together we can do something about improving the unemployment statistics of young people in Eastbourne!

You can donate here however you may want to set up a regular standing order with your bank.

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