[[[["field11","contains","PR Retainer\/Social Media @ \u00a310 an hour."],["field11","contains","Email creation and sent (up to 2,000 email address only) @ \u00a3100 Each."]],[["show_fields","field14"]],"and"],[[["field11","not_equal_to","PR Retainer\/Social Media @ \u00a310 an hour."]],[["hide_fields","field14"]],"and"],[[["field11","equal_to","PR Retainer\/Social Media @ \u00a310 an hour."]],[["show_fields","field14"]],"and"],[[["field11","equal_to","None of the above"]],[["hide_fields","field14"]],"and"],[[["field5","contains","Charity website - \u00a3100 (HOME CIC will get back to you to confirm that you are eligible)."],["field5","contains","Commercial website - \u00a31,000"]],[["show_fields","field9"]],"or"],[[["field18","equal_to","Yes"]],[["show_fields","field15"]],"and"],[[["field11","contains","PR Retainer\/Social Media @ \u00a310 an hour."],["field11","contains","SEO"]],[["show_fields","field14"]],"and"],[[["field11","contains","PR Retainer\/Social Media @ \u00a310 an hour."],["field11","contains","Photography"]],[["show_fields","field14"]],"and"],[[["field19","contains","Other (please specify)"]],[["show_fields","field24"]],"and"],[[["field11","contains","PR Retainer\/Social Media @ \u00a310 an hour."],["field11","contains","SSL Certificate \u2013 security certificate If you\u2019re creating an e-commerce site, \u00a3100."]],[["show_fields","field14"]],"and"]]
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