It’s Payback Time!

So now we’ve got your attention we’re not talking about the payback as an act of revenge but more like the ‘Pay it Forward’ that was made popular after the film was released in 2000.

‘It’s Payback Time’ is the name of our new campaign and it’s all about giving something back because others have helped us in the past.

Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises (HOME) CIC wouldn’t be here today without the many people that have helped us to get started, these include those offering us a room space, funders, volunteers and many more people that have offered their expert advice (usually for free).

So in turn we have promised to help others that can’t necessarily afford to do it themselves. Some of the ways that we are able to help include:

  • Providing free or low-cost website services for charities, community groups, small businesses or social entrepreneurs just starting out.
  • Providing free training to charities, networking groups, businesses etc.
  • Providing free work experience to job seekers and volunteers.
  • Providing free or low-cost marketing services for event organisers and groups.

We are now asking for your help to ‘Pay it Back’

We have several volunteers that are eager to start work and just need a helping hand to get started! We are looking to either provide them with apprenticeships so they can continue their training or place them in a work situation where they can gain further experience.

Some of the skills that they have include:

  • Administration
  • IT Help Desk
  • Graphic Design
  • Journalism

We need to raise £500 a month for each apprentice so if you have received help in the past and have the financial resources to help then maybe this is something you could consider. We’re not expecting you to donate the whole – just 10 people giving £50 a month could make a difference to one young person in Eastbourne that is struggling to find work.

So if you have ever received free training from us, or you have now employed one of our volunteers then maybe you could help so we can help another young person get their ideal job.

Together we can do something about improving the unemployment statistics of young people in Eastbourne!

You can donate here however you may want to set up a regular standing order with your bank.

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You are invited to come to the opening launch of the new Community Hub on Friday 17th February 2017.

The launch is from 2-6pm and everyone is welcome! Just drop-in when you can!

At the launch you will here more about how this community hub has been funded, meet some of the people that use the space and find out ways that you can get involved.

You will also be able to have your say on how to paint the wall!

Refreshments and nibbles are available.

Everyone is welcome to come and join us at this new community facility (disabled access is available).

Register here.

My Body Image #AHealthierYou

A new 10-week course on the importance of your body image will starting at the Seaside Community Hub on Sunday 5th March.

Throughout the 10 weeks will explore the importance of feeling good about your body, using the biblical principles of being made in the image of God.

You will have an opportunity to complete a wellness check each week and aim towards your own personal plan. Cost is £3 per week which includes a complimentary health shake (normally £3) and teas/coffees.

There will be an opportunity for open discussion, meet new friends and further develop the relationships that you have.

Everyone is welcome. There will be toys available for children!

Book your place here!

What’s On at the Seaside Community Hub

10am – Djembel dance with Iris – £4.00
5pm – Djembel dance with Iris – £4.00
7pm – Fit Class with Emma – £3.75

11am-12pm – Little Stars Parent & Toddler Fit Class with Emma – £2.50
1pm-3pm – Craft Club – FREE

10am-12pm – English Lessons with English 4 All – FREE
11am-1pm – Help Point with East Sussex Credit Union
2pm-4pm – IT Training with Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises (HOME) CIC – FREE
7pm – Fit Class with Emma – £3.75

10am-11am – Babies & Parent Fit Class with Emma – £4.00
1pm-3pm- English Lessons with English 4 All – FREE
2pm-4pm – IT Training with Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises (HOME) CIC

10am – Djembel dance with Irish – £4.00
12.30pm-2.30pm – Sensory Play with Families for Autism
(2nd Friday for under 5’s, 4th Friday for 5-11’s)

10am-1pm – Morning Coffee & Saturday Market (please let us know if you’d like a table)

3pm-5pm – SoulFood (Starting 5th March with 10 week-course on Your Body Image) – £3.00


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FREE IT Training is now available!

Come and learn some new skills in a friendly environment or just brush up on existing ones.

Join the hundreds who have experienced great teaching and have extended their knowledge of IT.

Book your place here or contact us on:

07720 854185

Please do share this event with your friends & family!

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How one social entrepreneur transformed her job loss into an opportunity for her community

After being made redundant, marketing manager Helen McCabe was faced with a big decision. Jobs matching her skill set were rare in Eastbourne, where she lives. If she wanted to find something similar she would’ve had to move or face a lengthy commute – something she didn’t want to do. Instead she decided to set up her own business.

She’d always had a hobby of building websites and decided she could create a business designing them for local charities and enterprises. Around the same time she’d become involved in the Devonshire West Big Local – one of 150 community led partnerships across England devoted to making their area even better.

She helped them to build their first website, became a member on the partnership board and got involved in their community events. Her experiences with the Big Local inspired her to turn her business into a social venture, Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises (HOME).

‘A parent at one of the Big Local networking events came to me and said my child is leaving school early, they’re being bullied. They like computers and making websites, can you help them?’ Helen explains.

This helped spark the realisation that she could use her business to help young people. She could use on the job training to give them skills and confidence to find employment.

To make this happen she realised she’d need some help – she’d need office space, extra equipment and time to develop training. She received this help through a Star People Award from UnLtd. Star People funds and supports people in Big Local areas become social entrepreneurs.

‘I got the first Award in the area,’ she says, ‘I met with an Award manager who helped me to formulate all my ideas about what we were doing. From that money we were able to set up what we’re doing today.’

Helping young people to find jobs

Helen is one of those people who seems to be involved in everything going on in her community, and her social venture is the same. It helps charities create cheap websites so they can promote their work, provides training and access to IT for people who need it, and brings different generations and groups of people together thanks to the office turned community centre they’re based in.

The main focus of Helen’s work is helping young people to find employment. She trains them in web design and marketing, while also involving them in the community focused work. This helps build their technical skills and professional experience – while also their confidence interacting with others in their community. It’s intensive work, Helen invests a lot of time and patience to help them shine.

‘We started helping young people who couldn’t get interviews or work experience,’ says Helen, ‘In Eastbourne one in four young people are out of work; we help them to get into work. We find that we need to spend about 6 months with them, after that they’ve gained enough self-confidence to go out and look for a job.’

Helen talks to visitor

Since starting in 2013 she’s helped get 30 young people get into work or education. She can tell you half-a-dozen of their stories off the top of her head. Here’s one of them:

‘We had one person, she did all the right things in life. Went to university and worked hard for a really good degree. And when she came back she couldn’t get a job. She got depressed and didn’t leave her room. Her mum met me one day at the Big Local partnership and asked me to help her, she didn’t know what to do.

She encouraged her to come and meet me. We set her up doing some training in marketing, and she stayed for six months. We put a little bit of structure in place for her – we tell people you have to get up in the morning, you need to be in the office by this time.

After six months she said to me I want to look for a job now and we helped her. She applied for a post-graduate job in marketing, 200 other people also applied but she got an interview. We took some time out to coach her for the interview – we did some workshops for her, got her talking about herself.

She got the job. The employer said that the reason she got it was that she knew the job already thanks to the training, and had shown commitment through her volunteering. She’s now been in that job for two-and-a-half years.’

Wearing her heart on her sleeve

Helen is a true community entrepreneur, drawing motivation from the people around her. Her venture is all about helping people in Eastbourne have the best chances in life.

‘I love Eastbourne,’ says Helen, ‘We have a diverse society – there are a lot of families, as well as students. In the summer it very much becomes a seaside town. People sometimes complain about the little stuff, but I always say you don’t know how lucky you are to live in such a nice town.’

Helen puts her passion for local people and communities down to her family. Her dad was a local councillor where she grew up in the North, and she was brought up to be aware of other people and their needs.

‘I was on the picket lines before I could walk,’ she explains, ‘My mum would always say to me “you can’t change the world but you can change the perceptions of people around you”. And that’s what I do, I make a difference to the person next to me who can then make a difference to the person next to them. That is where we’re coming from.’

Volunteer helps local person with IT

Working with the Big Local

It’s this drive that has led her to being greatly involved with the local community, especially the Big Local partnership. While she’s no longer involved on the board – ‘I knew too many people, there were too many conflicts of interest!’ – she’s very active in supporting the partnership’s work.

‘One of the big changes has been that we’ve learnt that we can achieve more together,’ Helen says, ‘The networks like Big Local help us to have conversations so we’re not in competition. We can build partnerships with each other, which funders love to see. We can survive together.’

Devonshire West Big Local is one of Star People’s intensive areas – an area that where UnLtd’s Award Managers are dedicating extra time and energy to foster a culture of social entrepreneurship. Working with the partnership we’ve been supporting social entrepreneurs through three strands – helping young people to test social ideas, creating a hub of craft based businesses, and building a forum for social entrepreneurs to come together. It’s inspiring more people to step up to help make Eastbourne even better place to live.

‘Social entrepreneurs really complement the work that we’re doing,’ explains Sue Morris, the Big Local Chair, ‘There’s a real sense of community growing. Social entrepreneurs have been a big part of that. Things like the [social entrepreneurship] forum have let us have a conversation about the skills we’ve learnt as well as inspire others – to convince them to just go and do it.’

Not just any old social entrepreneur, an award winning social entrepreneur

Helen’s work hasn’t just been causing a stir in Eastbourne, it has been recognised on a national scale. Last year Helen won the TalkTalk Digital Hero Award, nominated by people in her town. She got to travel to the House of Lords for the award ceremony and was chosen as the winner from the final ten.

‘It was the best day of my life,’ says Helen, ‘Everyone came over to me and said I’m glad it was you. I haven’t had much impact across the whole country – just a little impact, in a little town – so to win it, it was just amazing.’

A couple of years ago being made redundant Helen had a choice between finding work in a different town or starting of her own that helped local people. Recognition like this, and the impact that she’s having on young people’s lives, shows that she made a the right decision.

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A Healthier You!

HOME CIC have been funded by Devonshire West Big Local to deliver A Healthier You! You can read the daily blog here.

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Welcome to Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises (HOME) CIC, a charitable company that provides work experience and training for people who are struggling to find work.

We do this by providing a positive work environment so that each of our volunteers helps a local community group, agency or charity so they can receive low-cost marketing for a range of services including website building, social media, email marketing etc.

We have a range of training activities so please have a look and see how we can help you!

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Seaside Market

We are launching an INDOOR MARKET every Satuday morning at The Bodyclub in Devonshire West.

It will be EVERY SATURDAY 10am to 1pm.

This is for any local businesses that wish to be part of the local community and for local residents to purchase goods from local businesses.

Refreshments are also available.



Stalls are available to hire at the Introduction price of £10 a week. You can book online using the booking form here. Please email if you have any queries.



We would be interested in hearing about what you would like at the Seaside Market and ask that youfill in our quick survey here.

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FREE Training Drop-ins

Due to popular demand our FREE Training Drop-in will now run twice a week!
We’ll be at 125 Seaside every Wednesday and Thursday from 2pm-4pm.

Do you need help using a computer? Never used one before?
Come along to our FREE Training Drop-In for friendly one-to-one training at your own pace.

You can also access the following services while you are here:

  • Help with your Finances
  • Job Search Advice
  • Free Body Health Check
  • Nutrition and Fitness Advice

And don’t forget to grab one of the healthy shakes from the café!


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Celebrating Success at HOME

The HOME Team

TalkTalk Digital Hero Helen McCabe, Director of HOME CIC is saying farewell to Marketing Apprentice, Hannah Kernott, as she starts her new job as Digital Marketing Executive for the Identity Group.

Hannah started with HOME CIC as a volunteer in 2013 and was offered an Apprenticeship a year later.  Here’s Hannah’s story:

“I have learnt so much at HOME. Since starting as a volunteer back in 2013 my confidence and experience has increased massively. I can’t thank Helen enough for the opportunities she has given me, she has always believed in me and trusted me to carry out major tasks. I don’t believe that I could of gained so much experience anywhere else and it is this experience which has helped me to grow and become a Digital Marketing Executive. Helen has always given me that gentle push to challenge myself and to get out of my comfort zone along with providing me with full support and guidance throughout.

I would strongly recommend volunteering at HOME to anyone. I never would have thought I would get to where I am now when I started out as a volunteer, it just goes to show how rewarding it can be! Helen is always looking for ways to help and her drive is inspiring. I hope to stay in contact with everyone at HOME in the future.”

We’d like to welcome Daniel Swanborough-Nilson to the team as our new apprentice. Daniel started volunteering with us in April and has been helping with website and graphic design. In June he started his apprenticeship with us in Digital Media and Marketing and will be taking on more responsibility at HOME CIC

Daniel Swanborough-Nilson “I started volunteering at HOME after having trouble finding employment, and was excited to be able to gain some experience and use my skills in a field that really interested me. I was delighted when Helen offered me an apprenticeship as I feel it’s a great way to start my career in Digital Media. I’m looking forward to expanding my skills and gaining some invaluable experience here at HOME.”

ESCU Help Points

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Helping the local community with East Sussex Credit Union

Investing in Your local community

At Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises (HOME) CICwe are very passionate about helping people in our local community especially those that haven’t had a great start in life or suffer from social-anxiety, physical disabilities etc. which is why we are organising a range of free training workshops around Eastbourne.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to receive skills and experience so they can become a proactive member of their local community.

It’s for this reason why we are helping East Sussex Credit Union to get the message out about their ethical savings and borrowings.

With the growth of youth unemployment in Eastbourne and the rise of payday loans we would like to share a better financial well-being plan for those that are facing a debt crisis and for others that have the means to save.

By joining with East Sussex Credit Union you can access ethical savings accounts and fair & affordable credit (for all that can afford to pay the loan repayments).

As the East Sussex Credit Union is a co-operative then members are paid dividends in their savings.

Joining couldn’t be simpler! You can do it online here or alternatively call into any of the Help Points (listed in the right hand column).You just need to live or work in East Sussex, Brighton & Hove or be a member of Unite the Union in the South East.  If you are going to a help point, please bring your ID with you!

Alternatively you can find out more about East Sussex Credit Union by signing up to their newsletter here.

Come and join with us at Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises (HOME) CIC and help the local community!

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