5 Content Marketing Challenges for SME

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Sounds boring…?

Not really.

Content is the Internet currency. Most SME’s aren’t able to utilize this currency efficiently. The businesses faces content marketing challenges and multiple reasons hinder effective resolution of these challenges.

Without wasting any more time, let’s learn and solve the 5 content marketing challenges plaguing any SME.

5 Content Marketing Challenges for SME

Detailed statistics from the Digital Marketing Association and Content Marketing Institute reveal why SME’s are facing the challenges.

1) Lack of Time: 66%

66% of businesses state lack of time is a major challenge. Content development and marketing should be a sustained effort. It’s not like sprinting but a marathon! Learn to find time for content creation activities because it is really one of the best methods to reach the target market and generate revenues.

Hire a small team, build milestones and strive towards it. Most importantly, why are you marketing content? In other words, be clear of business goals.

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2) Content Production: 46%

46% of businesses aren’t able to cope up with content production requirements. Lack of connect with the targeted market, inadequate content knowledge and not utilizing multiple content development strategies are often reasons why businesses fail or become sluggish to create new content.

If lack of ideas is the main reason, try to repurpose old content. If you already have a text-based post on a certain topic, repurpose (recreate) it as a video, infographic, image and/or webinar.

3) Engaging Content Production: 44%

44% of businesses believe they aren’t able to produce engaging content. Scribbling few words together isn’t content creation. It’s a methodical and detailed process involving the study and analysis of targeted market to judge their preferences and responses.

It is a continuous process of analysing the market and aligning it with the business content development needs. The best solution is to remain active in the online market and keep track of developments. Businesses can create news around it.

4) Lack of Budget: 38%

38% of businesses aren’t able to utilize content marketing due to a lack of budget. Either they are reluctant to spend anything on content marketing or they really don’t have adequate budget. To top this, latest market reports show that more than 90% of businesses are investing in the same. In other words, competition is increasing.

The only solution is to raise funds. Investors and VC’s are eager to offer money to startups. Just find the right investor. If you already have a budget, don’t give excuses and start investing in content marketing.

5) Content Variety: 33%

33% of businesses are unable to bring content variety in marketing channels. A blog post works for an interested blog reader but the same might not work for someone comfortable watching videos!

We realise that creating custom content for each unique user isn’t possible. However, it is necessary to maintain a healthy dose of content variety. For instance, if the business has an engaging Facebook community, image marketing can work well there or if the business has awesome Google+ presence, long-form content or Infographics will work well. It’s all about understanding the target market and no tool can give this understanding!


Content marketing for businesses does seem tough but once the whole marketing process is streamlined, everything becomes simple and manageable.

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